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Downsizing -- a word we hear a lot lately. Retailers hear "Oh I love it, but where would I put it?" At home, we begin to worry that our families will have to deal with the personal property we've accumulated when we need smaller quarters or worse---we pass away. Often our children or grandchildren don't want the things we have inherited or collected throughout our lifetime. How will I or my family deal with my things?

These days, we are lucky our parents live longer than in earlier times. But that means when they do pass, we are often oldsters too. A loved one dies and leaves a house full, a storage unit full, a garage or barn full of personal property. These lifetime accumulations can add up to gigantic proportions.

What about a series of garage sales, estate sale or auction? What is valuable and how should I price things? What should I throw away and what should I donate? What should I do when the neighbor comes by and wants to have a memento from the estate?

Besides the natural emotions of grief, fear of enormous change or knowing we are no longer young enough to cope with the physical demands of dispersing personal property---feelings of overwhelm add crushing weight to these already very difficult situations.

Let us enlighten your group or organization about what to do and not do in personal property liquidations.

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