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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do people go to auctions?

A: It's no surprise to us!  When surveyed, the #1 reason for going to auctions is "it is fun!"

Q: Can I really get a good deal at an auction?

A: The answer is YES!  It is a common myth that the crowd just keeps bidding on items until they are crazy expensive.  This simply is not true.  At an auction there are no "retail mark-up" prices to deal with.  You see something you want and you decide what you would be willing to pay for that item!  The truth is that there are great and sometimes unbelievable deals to be had!!

Q: What kind of things can I find at an auction?

A: There is something for everyone!  Every auction is different and unique.  We will try to give the best up-to-date item descriptions and pictures for our up and coming auctions.  If you are looking for something specific, just contact us and we'll let you know if we have it!

Q: What if I haven't ever been to an auction?  Will I be able to keep up? 

A: YES!  We at Garrison Auctioneers love to see new faces mixed in the crowd of our regulars.  We understand that a first auction can sometimes be a little scary and intimidating.  We always give a rundown of what to expect at the beginning of every one of our auctions.  Also, there is room for mistakes.  If something seems to be mistaken or a bidder is uncertain, we will gladly take a moment to clear things up.  Just a few minutes into the auction you'll be a pro!

Q:  What if I am interested in an item but I can't come to the auction?

A:  We accept absentee or telephone bids!  You would simply contact us prior to auction day. 

Q:  What is an absentee bid?

A:  An absentee bid is a bid that you leave because you cannot stay.  This is very good for a lot of people who can't stay at an auction the whole time or cannot come at all.
The bid is given to one of the auction employees to bid on that particular item for you.  Say you leave a $50 bid on a picture and it goes for $25, then you get it for $25, but if it goes for $60, you don't get it.

Q:  How do I register at an auction?  Do I have to have a business license?

A:  When you arrive at the auction the cashier or office personnel should be located.  Once the office or cashier person is located, then check in with them showing some form of identification.  They will then issue a bid number which allows you to bid at the auction that day.  Anyone can go to an auction to buy!  You do not have to have a business license.

Q:  Can I arrive at an auction late?

A:  You can arrive at an auction any time and leave at any time.  We encourage potential bidders to arrive early so they can preview the merchandise which they want to bid on.

Q:  What does "Preview" mean?

A:  Preview means to check out the merchandise before the auction.  Look something over so you know what you are buying.  Preview is the allotted time set by the auction company which is your time to come in and look at the merchandise before you buy it.  Items purchased at auction are "as is" so, preview can be a really important part of auction going.

Q:  If I have something I want to sell, like an antique, do I have to pay a fee?

A:  If you have something you are interested in consigning to auction, you can!  We consign a large variety of items.  Auctions are not only for antiques.  It doesn't matter who you are, anyone can sell something at auction.  When you sell something at auction you pay commission or percentage of what the item sells for. 

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